Worldly influences

The diversity of produce at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market each week is as diverse as the people who sell, shop and manage the weekly event. It is a wonderful place for locals and visitors to gather and share the stories that have brought them from faraway places to Launceston. This Saturday, University of Tasmania students from interstate and countries across the seas will join locals at Harvest Launceston in discovering our individual stories and places of origin.

The Harvest community, stallholders, volunteers and shoppers are a mixed bunch. Just take a stroll around the market and you will be greeted by the Mediterranean blue of the Turkish Tukka van with the scents of their gozleme wafting across the stalls, mingling with Korean hotteok, sizzling bacon, sausages and locally roasted coffee.

Listen carefully and you will hear stallholders and volunteers exchange greetings in German, French, Laotian and accents from England, Canada, the United States, New Zealand and South Africa. At the bread stalls, the influence of France permeates the pungency of freshly baked sourdough breads and mouth-watering pastries.

A bounty of fresh seasonal vegetables is the clearest expression of influences from around the globe. At Seven Springs Farm, Wouter brings a Belgian twist to his organic vegetables as he regularly introduces new varieties of old products to interested shoppers. At Old School Farm, Laos Fresh Farm and Steve’s Vegies there is, depending on the season, a feast of Asian delights from kohlrabi, mizuna, tatsoi, bok choy, gai lan, daikon to wombok. The parsley could be Italian or Curly, and the spinach is often English.

Growers and producers have journeyed from all over the world at different times to Tasmania and each week bring a bit of their heritage to Harvest Launceston. This Saturday, the local Harvest Launceston community will have an opportunity to meet and greet interstate and international students who have joined the University of Tasmania for the academic year.

As a welcome to town, Harvest Launceston will be showcasing its diversity and celebrating the places of all who have come here, as migrants from interstate and continents across the seas, students far from their homes and studying at local schools and university, visitors and the sons and daughters of many generations of Tasmanians who together make up our wonderful local community.