Strawberry Smash Cocktail with Gin and Basil

The combination of sweet strawberries and aromatic basil makes for a deliciously refreshing cocktail to enjoy during the festive season.



2 ounces of gin
4 large or 6-7 small ripe strawberries, cut into quarters (Seven Springs Farm, Sheffield Berry Gardens)
2 leaves of basil, julienned (Laos Fresh Farm, Old School, Seven Springs Farm, Steve’s Vegies, Thirlstane Gardens)
Fizzy Water
1-2 drops Orange Bitters


1. In a 12-14 ounce glass combine the gin and two of the strawberries and smash to combine.
2. Add ice (more ice equals less fizzy water equals higher ratio of booze) and the remaining cut up berries and the basil.
3. Stir to combine and top with one or two drops of orange bitters.