Summer picnic inspiration

What essentials do you think every picnic should have? We’ve selected some of our favourite goodies that you can pick up from the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market during summer.

Hot smoked salmon fillets and rillettes from 41 Degrees South Tasmania, sliced ham from Mount Gnomon Farm, and smoked wallaby and salami from Lenah Game Meats are all perfect accompaniments to a baguette or loaf of sourdough from Apiece, Manubread or Sandy’s Sourdough. Enjoy with heirloom tomatoes, or a tasty jelly or relish from Tasmanian Natural Garlic and Tomatoes. Prepare a salad with tomatoes, cucumber and capsicum from Tamar Valley Hydroponics, with fresh basil and salad greens from Thirlstane Gardens.
For some picnic basket nibbles, try some dips and crackers from Trio of Dips, a wedge of cheddar or brie from Southern Sky Cheese Company and table olives from Wattle Hill Olives. Pack all these delights alongside a bottle of cool climate Tasmanian wine from Beautiful Isle Wines, Gryphonwood Vineyards or Humbug Reach Vineyard, cider or perry from Lost Pippin, Frank’s Cider or Spreyton Cider Co, a refreshing ale from Seven Sheds, or kombucha from Avocado Moon or the Three Fermented Queens.

Finish your long relaxing picnic with a cleansing fruit salad made using mixed berries from Sheffield Berry Gardens, Stonesthrow or Westerway Raspberry Farm, cherries from Ferniehurst, Richmond Cherries, Somercotes or Taylors Cherries and apricots from Penna Valley Farm.

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