Winter Greens – A Salad for the Season


The right lettuce can turn the ordinary into something special. Salad leaves at this time of the year are extra sweet, as they take longer to grow compared with their Summer counterparts. Try a hearty green salad with Graeme’s favourite dressing for an extra special (and extra healthy) winter salad. Serve as a side to a roast or for a meal in itself by simply adding some grilled haloumi from Westhaven



  • Gather a collection of leaves, red and green butter leaves, an iceberg for a crips crunch,  some watercress for a peppery zing and spinach for colour.
  • Scatter some Hazelbrae hazelnuts or walnuts
  • Drizzle with favourite dressing from Graeme at Thirlstane Gardens


The Wholemeal Trading Co.’s Green Salad Dressing



Place all ingredients apart from the oil in a food processor and blend into a smooth paste.  With the machine still running, slowly add the oil and blend until it is well emulsified into a thick, creamy sauce.

Drizzle over your winter salad and enjoy!