Fork it Farm

Fork it Farm finished pigs bring back the incredible pork flavour of yesteryear. The meat is darker in colour and has a firm feel, tastes rich, sweet and has a clean aftertaste, soft fat and great marbling which makes for great flavour and juiciness. THE WAGYU OF PORK.
This is what real pastured pork should taste like: no additives, no water injected, no hormones and no antibiotics, just real, natural pork.

Our small farm provides quality, tasty, paddock to plate pure Berkshire pork via our Hog Share Club, directly connecting our farm with discerning eaters like you. Our pigs are raised naturally on pasture where they are free to root, graze, wallow and play. A happy, healthy life for them and forkin’ tasty pork for you!

Know your farmer!

Daniel and Kim Croker

Contact Fork it Farm:

Phone:  0431 862 560

This stallholder has Eftpos facilities.