Heathermoor Peonies

Heathermoor Peonies is part of a family farming enterprise in North West Tasmania.  The Tasmanian climate is well suit to growing peonies.

These beautiful herbaceous peonies are primarily grown by Heathermoor Peonies for the fresh cut flower market.  Their attractive appearance and long vase life aids their popularity as a cut flower.  The majority of our peonies are harvested during the month of November. Once handpicked the flowers are cooled and manually graded.  Our peonies are sold throughout the eastern states of Australia.

Peonies are a herbaceous plant that the foliage dies down in autumn.   Usually the roots of the plant remain in the ground until the following year when new stems grow.   In spring new stems  grow from buds or eyes that formed on the roots the previous autumn.

When a plant is moved it takes a year or two for the plant to establish  and begin to produce flowers again.  When herbaceous peonies are sold they are best sold as bare root stock  divisions  in late autumn / early winter.

Peony plants  like frost, sunshine  and most soil types.  Our native wildlife does not eat our peonies; we have possums and wallabies.  Peony roses are well suited to the Tasmanian home gardener; once established a plant should provide a magnificent bunch of peony flowers each year.


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