Kooee All Natural Snacks


KOOEE! Snacks is a natural snack food company based in Legana (10 mins north of Launceston). They currently offer a range of healthy beef jerky made from Tasmanian grass-fed beef. KOOEE! products are high protein, gluten-free, and have no added sugar.

KOOEE! is proud to be based in Tasmania. The packaging for each flavour is inspired by a different Tasmanian National Park, and the founder Andy is more than willing to swap stories about adventures in the Tasmanian wilderness.

Founder Andy Fist, a Tasmanian, was working in New York City for outdoor events company Tough Mudder. He started running with compatriot Shaun Malligan, who eventually confessed that his hobby of crafting healthy jerky was spinning out of control, and rapidly becoming his main occupation. Eventually this passion turned into KOOEE!, and Shaun continues to grow KOOEE! in the USA. Andy eventually moved back to Tasmania, bought a factory, and started making KOOEE! products on home soil (sounds simple, but it took 2 years!).

Current flavours include:

  • Sesame Ginger: A fragrant ginger with nutty sesame seeds
  • Mountain Pepper: Showcasing the unique Tasmanian Pepperberry
  • Smoked Chipotle: A smoky, mild chilli flavour
  • Habanero: A freight train of heat

Check out their website for more information about Australia’s best beef jerky.