Liffey Creperie

Liffey Creperie

Liffey Crêperie is a family run and operated eatery serving up a selection of delectable made-to-order French Crêpes.

We pride ourselves on serving each crêpe streaming hot-off-the plate and filled with the freshest and most decadent ingredients Tasmania has to offer. 

If you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing treat yourself to our zesty ‘Citron Soleil’ – poached pears, honey and lemon, on the other hand, why not let yourself be tempted and indulge in our ‘Fruit de la Forêt’ a fresh berries, raspberry sauce, chocolate sauce and whipped cream extravaganza!

Whatever your flavour you are guaranteed to savour a hot specialty crêpe served fresh to you by Liffey Crêperie at the Launceston Harvest Market!


Contact Liffey Creperie:

Phone: 0402 117 990