Meander Pastured Free Range Hens produce eggs rich in colour, taste and texture. Stocking density – 150 hens per hectare.Our chooks are pastured free range which means they are housed in mobile caravans which are regularly moved around our 58 hectare property on to fresh pasture for daytime foraging.
From sun up to sun down the girls are free to roam wherever they choose, having unrestricted access to large outdoor areas of natural grass and native forest areas in a fresh farm air environment. They are allowed to express and exhibit their natural “chickeness” – dust bathing to keep feathers clean and remove parasites, perching, foraging and scratching for extra tasty morsels and just do what happy chooks do to maintain optimum health.
The chook farm is operated with no artificial interference and lighting is never used to encourage laying. Over the cooler months it is essential for chickens to moult and recover from months of hard work laying eggs, which we respect and allow.
We are confident you will enjoy our eggs. Any feedback would be most welcome. 

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