QUIWE is a new brand of healthy fruit juice and fruit popsicles made from 100% natural ingredients. With our product we wish to make people admire and enjoy the awesome taste of fruits, as well as support the farmers that dedicate all their efforts to provide us with them. Salpicon is a columbian fruit juice made from 100% Watermelon juice, which contains chunks of fruits like apple, pear, strawberry and raspberry. To give an extra sweetness you have the option to add ice cream.

Our popsicles are also made with fruit and contain the best mixes of locally grown fruits. QUIWE is a word that comes from a Colombian native language that means EARTH, to whom we thank all the amazing foods it provides to us all.

Business Owners: Felipe Prada & Maria Ortiz

Ph. 0490 896 306

E. feloprada9@gmail.com

A. 302 Windermere Rd, Windermere