ROSLYN 1823 is a family run vineyard situated in the Coal River Valley in south-eastern Tasmania.

Vigneron and owner Andrew Palmer has studied permaculture design, earthworks and teaching, with the vineyard designed on permaculture principles. Sustainability and environmental friendliness guide our approach to vineyard management. We use organic compost and mulching, a range of biological fertilisers, chickens and ducks for pest control, sheep and alpacas for weed control that complement our standard viticultural practices. Irrigation is kept to a minimum, ensuring intense flavours that reflect the true nature of the terrain. Our grapes are grown on west facing slopes, with north-south orientated terraced rows ensuring optimal sun exposure and grape ripening from light reflected from the strategically placed dam at the foot of the vineyard.

At harvest time, the grapes are hand picked, selecting only the highest quality bunches to produce our premium wines. Our wine maker Robbie Drew employs his 30 years’ experience to ensure that the flavours nurtured in the ROSLYN 1823 vineyard are captured in each bottle of our Pinot Gris, Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Esther Palmer

M. 0418 713 566

409 White Kangaroo Road
Campania, Tasmania, Australia