All Things Cherry – Rowella

Cherry Pie from All things Cherry

Paul, Regine, Herleen, and Diamond from All Things Cherry are proud to be able to bring to you all the health benefits as well as the wonderful flavour of cherries all year round:  classified as a superfood and are also an anti-inflammatory. Some of our products available each week include but not limited to are cherry jam, cherry paste (great with cheese and biscuits), cherry balsamic vinegar, cherry chutney, and a selection of our handmade chocolate, and slices, freeze dried cherries and cherry powder, and our ever popular small and family pies, the small pies being a delicious addition to school lunches.  Our cherries are grown by the Rowella Cherry Farm at Rowella on the West Tamar river approx. 40 minutes’ drive from the Harvest Market. We currently grow four different varieties and have around seven thousand trees.  All Things Cherry and the Rowella Cherry Farm: “WE ARE FAMOUS FOR TASTE”


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Phone: 0413 391 901/ 0400 078 293



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