Tas Daffodils

Tas Daffodils is a family owned business, run by Bill Waldron with wife Carol & daughter Donna.

Carol is a qualified horticulturalist & Bill has been growing bulbs for the past 30 years. Being part of such a family, Donna describes herself as a plant and flower enthusiast and you’ll regularly see her at the market too.

Bill says that flowers are one of the most valuable things you can give someone even though they have little monetary value.  When people buy bulbs, Bill likens it to giving someone a bunch of flowers – something to beautify their gardens, lounge rooms and their lives.

As you only give flowers to friends, all those Tas Daffodils encounter during their time at the market are friends. So they treat all their customers as friends, only letting them buy what we would want our friends to have.

Donna feels strongly that even numbered plantings are not nearly as attractive as odd numbered plantings so she ALWAYS gives an extra bulb with any purchase of ten bulbs.  Have a look at the massive range of bulbs at Tas Daffodils at the market.


Contact Tas Daffodils

phone: 03 6396 1182

email: ewaldron5@bigpond.com

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tasdaffodils/