The Tasmanian Tonic Company was born or a desire to complement the experience of fine Tasmanian spirits, particularly gin; to provide a range of uniquely Tasmanian flavours that enhance the spirit. Their sophisticated tonic water syrups allow the spirit to be at the forefront. They are very low in sugar, contain naturally derived quinine (direct from cinchona bark) and utilise singular Tasmanian botanical flavours to open your palette and enhance the spirit.

The team created the Southern Ocean Soda range as a soft drink of sophisticated mixer for a broad range of spirits. Reflecting the natural glory of the Southern Ocean and the island at its edge, Southern Ocean Sodas feature natural ingredients, unique native flavours and are ultra-low in sugar.

Both ranges are available as syrups to mix with soda water. Southern Ocean Soda’s are also available as a ready-to-drink product.

Contact the Tasmanian Tonic Company:

Phone: 0432 478 066




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