Tasmanian Buffalo

What? Buffalo? In Tasmania? YES! We have been breeding Asian Water Buffalo in Tasmania for over 20 years.  Our farm is just south of beautiful Preston, where over 50 buffalo enjoy the lush grass. They are bred, born and raised right here in Tassie.

Following our ethics they are grass fed only, supplemented throughout the colder months with hay grown from their own paddocks. They don’t cut their adult teeth until two years of age, so we grow them out until 18 months before they are processed humanely (also very important to us).

We take the care of our animals very seriously, they all have names! Our farm is run on both organic and biodynamic principles, with almost nothing going to waste. Every flora and fauna has an important role to play on our farm – no artificial sprays, no antibiotics or hormones. In fact, we have recently become beekeepers too – to try and support our own little organisms a bit more. We use organic fertiliser and firmly believe everything’s health (including our own) comes from healthy soil.

Our Buff’s meat is lower in fat than beef, and nearly twice as high in iron.

The taste might surprise you, it’s not as strong a flavour as you might think, largely because they’re grass fed only.  So come along to the Harvest Market and try some – we’ll see you soon.