Tasmanian Butter Co.


Our cultured butter is produced using 100% Tasmanian cream naturally fermented with cultures before churning. These cultures eat the lactose in the cream producing lactic acid, this is responsible for the distinct tang of cultured butter. In addition to the tang, beautiful buttery nutty flavours and aromas are also the delicious result of the fermentation.

Some of the benefits of cultured butter include; the flavour that is produced during fermentation makes cultured butter tastier, a higher fat content so is better for pan frying, the natural acidity makes baking lighter and fluffier.

Our method:

  1. We hunt out the best cream we can source from around Tasmania and inoculate it with lactic cultures.
  2. The cream is left to ferment for 12-18 hours to lower the ph and develop flavour.
  3. Churn.
  4. Drain off the buttermilk.
  5. Hand press the remaining buttermilk out.
  6. Salt it generously with Tasman Sea Salt.
  7. Hand shape, wrap and label.

Tasmanian cream – cultured, churned and sea salted.


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