Three Fermented Queens

We are Three Fermented Queens……three women who share a love of fermented food. Second generation best friends (our mothers were best friends), Sonya and Leanne have teamed up with Leanne’s teenage daughter Faith to create raw, vegan, and living food and beverage products.

At Three Fermented Queens we source local produce and then naturally ferment it in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley. Unique ingredients are used in our food products and include the native Tasmanian pepperberry, as well as sea salt and seaweed from the pristine waters surrounding our island. Our fermented beverage, kombucha, also has a Tassie twist as it is brewed using Tasmania’s own ‘Art of Tea’ Tassie Devil Blend tea and flavoured with locally grown raspberries.

The art of naturally fermenting food and beverages has been around for centuries. The process enhances the amount of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals contained in the food……..very, very good for your gut and digestive system!

Do your gut a favour……eat Three Fermented Queens.


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phone: 0457 338 665