Van Dieman Brewery

Van Dieman Brewing began as a leap of faith by founder Will Tatchell.

After completing University, Will headed to the United Kingdom to immerse himself in the British brewing industry. He returned home a few years later armed with knowledge and invaluable experience and set about establishing Van Dieman Brewing.

The production brewery opened in April 2009, and quickly gained traction with fresh and authentic styles combined with innovative releases. Today, Van Dieman Brewing produces a core range of four beers: Pale, Amber, White ales and an Oatmeal stout, along with an assortment of limited release and seasonal variants.

We’re actively pursuing a 100% brewery-grown line of beers, where every component of the brew is achieved on farm from growing, harvesting, processing and brewing. We’re turning food miles into beer metres.

While Tasmania has no shortage of quality craft beer & brewing heritage, we feel that Van Dieman Brewing is something special. For us, our beer is our focus and priority. Our commitment to excellence combined with a willingness to break & rewrite the rules makes us different. We’re not afraid of failure, we see it as a seed to growth and success.