Corra Linn Distillery

Corra Linn Distillery

Corra Linn Distillery crafts a unique and premium product in the heart of Tasmania. Using only the best ingredients, and distiller techniques that have been fine-tuned to delight every occasion. A combination of passion and a hint of Tasmania means the result is distinctly superb and unique to the palate. Citrus, full of body and character allows the essence to speak for itself.

The Tasmanian climate may not be so good for all year round for warm weather based activities, although it does make whisky drinkers of the world happy. The cooler climate has the capacity to craft the perfect barrel, this is due to the diurnal range which is a fancy word for the temperate range between the maximum and the minimum. This optimal climate also allows for other ingredients to grow to it’s full potential. Corra Lin Distillery separates themselves from other distilleries because of the the barley that can be grown in Northern Tasmania particularly is distinct and unique in it’s flavour. Water in Tasmania is also some of the cleanest around the world, making it one of the purest ingredients of Tasmanian Whisky.

Corra Linn combines a skillful blend of unique ingredients, local berries and elemental flavours to produce a spirited synergy of character, depth and sophistication to produce a Sloe Berry Gin, which is cleansing and spirited, elegant, colourful and refreshing.

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