Greens for You

Greens for You

Evgeny Klintukh

Microgreens, wheatgrass and horticultural science

Harvest’s newest member as of October 2022, Evgeny and his partner are thrilled to be bringing their unique microgreens to the market after years of development. Whether it’s prettying up your plates, punchy flavours, unique varieties or high nutritional content, Evgeny’s products won us over as they will you. With a focus on high-tech organics, Greens for You eschews the unpleasant inputs of modern horticultural sciences while embracing the technology and efficiency it brings. Here is Evgeny himself to tell you a little more about it:

We founded this company 4 years ago in our city. It was a time of long, often unsuccessful experiments to develop new technologies for growing organic products without the slightest trace of pesticides and fertilizers. We started with relatively simple crops such as wheat and soon established the production of wheatgrass juice. The use of modern methods of preserving products has led to a complete rejection of chemical preservatives. Our wheatgrass juice in fresh and frozen form is much more nutritionally dense than other products and completely different to dead green powder from the supermarket.

Our technologies have proven to be very convenient for microgreens, such as peas, chickpeas, lupin, mustard, sunflowers, etc.  We have learned to grow about a dozen plants in a completely sterile atmosphere without using the soil. We use only multispectral light and clean Tasmanian water and air. Automated systems begin the germination and growing phases of our crops, with human intervention only occurring during harvest.

Thus, we tried to combine two seemingly incompatible things – people’s craving for organic products and modern technologies with their inherent sterility and hygiene.  We hope that we succeeded. All additional information is available on the  website.

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