La Cantara Artisan Cheeses

La Cantara Artisan Cheeses

We are a new family owned and operated business located in Smithton, the very heart of Tasmania’s Northwest and the prime dairy region of the state. We produce a diverse and exciting variety of Venezuelan and European Style Cheese, ranging from fresh and unripened style to surface ripened like white and blue mould and some unique semihard cheeses. Our aim is to bring delicious and unique cheese to your table, showcasing and combining the fascinating Tasmanian milk and produce with some exceptional Venezuelan and South American ingredients.  

All our products are made from milk produced by our small herd of cows consisting of 75 crossbred cows milked through a state of the art robotic dairy, utilising sustainable farming practices with a great focus on animal welfare and customer satisfaction. 

In 2009 we moved to Australia from Venezuela. Having both trained as qualified Vets, we planned to continue our education here, but our lives took an unexpected turn. In 2012 we started dairy farming and fell in love with the industry, so much that we decided to adopt it as our new career where we achieved some significant progress. In 2019 we founded La Cantara Artisan Cheeses as a new idea and the next step in our lives. January 2021 marked the beginning of our professional cheesemaking career and this whole new venture for our family. 

Meet Rosselyn, Genaro, Gabriel & Diego at their stall at Harvest.

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