Sandy’s Sourdough

Sandy’s Sourdough

Meet Josh Crisp of Sandy’s Sourdough

Josh Crisp, flour, water and salt are the the the ingredients in the dough that becomes the loaves that are synonymous with Sandy’s Sourdough.

Josh has been baking bread since he was 16-years-old. As a schoolboy he started working at a local baker on weekends and after school. Upon finishing school, he was offered an apprenticeship where he said he learned the basics and gained his bread making qualifications.

Equipped with his baking ticket, Josh began his journey into the “the art of true, naturally leavened sourdough and viennoiserie”. Whileworking with the award winning local patisserie Tant Pour Tant, Josh learned the art of patisserie from a “very passionate and knowledgeable team”.

Josh then moved into the local food scene, gaining a broad experience as head chef at local cafes where he always baked his own bread for the menu. “I always thought I would return to baking and patisserie, as it’s the area I’m most passionate about.”

This passion to knead and his love of the science of baking was never far away and when Josh heard that Alexander Waites was looking for someone to take over his business, Josh saw a chance to get back into doing what he loved and doing it for himself. He spent a month working alongside Sandy before officially taking over the kneading. Today the same sourdough starter that began it all when Sandy joined Harvest in 2012 is still producing delicious bread with the addition of Josh’s baking skills.

Josh makes bread with three ingredients, four, water and salt. “That’s it, no commercial yeast, improvers or sugars. Only our natural starter”.  Josh explains that he loves the science behind the raising of loaves and is eager to keep on learning.

Josh is not allowing the dough to rest for too long as he eagerly anticipates building upon the tradition that Sandy, as one of the founding Harvest Launceston stallholders, has established. Josh takes pride in continuing “the Sandy’s tradition, of knowing where my ingredients come from and making sure that it is never that far!” Josh will be adding more products, keeping favourites and will be at the market each week to talk all things sourdough.

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