Sweet Wheat

Sweet Wheat

Baking’s young guns. Through baby-faced Nic and Em, Sweet Wheat is the new kid on the block of Launceston’s baking scene, and it’s arrived fully proved and set to impress. Having trained with some of Launnie’s other baking luminaries, Nic and Em made the bold step of striking out on their own. A move we can only applaud. Slipping off the peel in 2021, Sweet Wheat filled a gap in the Harvest lineup like a delicious cream bun.

NIc and Em have created a delicious range of fresh bread and pastries. At first glance, you might think Sweet Wheat is just another bakery. Anything but. Their range has been carefully curated. Their recipes thoroughly researched and tested. Nic is an archetypal baking nerd. We mean that as a mark of respect and a term of endearment.

Bakers are some of the hardest-working people in the food and hospitality sector. The hours are anti-social, the work at once seemingly simple but terrifyingly complex. The finished products are subject to scrutineering by know-it-alls like your humble bio author. Yet, Em never fails to smile radiantly all day at everyone. Truly remarkable.

The cherry on top of the proverbial bun is their not-to-be-missed, never-before-seen-in-Launceston, Portuguese tarts. Get in early though, these crowd-pleasers never fail to sell out quickly. Nic and Em are waiting to ply you with baked goods and smiles each week at Harvest. Drop in and get around it.


Sweet Wheat
Nic and Em

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