Tassie Murtabak

Tassie Murtabak

Tassie Murtabak is authentic Malay food specialising in the flat breads of roti and murtabak. Tassie Murtabak founder, Ibrahim Dullaha twirls and rolls and flattens the dough to the delight of market goers before it is filled, twisted and pan fried to create a delicious folded and stuffed bread that is the perfect way to start the day.

Tassie Murtabak was established in 2020 when Ibrahim moved to Launceston with his family and with years of experience in the Malaysian food business, he is delighted to share this cuisine with locals. Ibrahim was originally from Myanmar and had moved to Malaysia at the age of 15 to venture into the food business in Penang, a Northern State of Malaysia.  

After 25 years living in Malaysia, Ibrahim was granted refugee status and decided to come to Launceston in Australia. Ibrahim aspires to promote authentic Malay cuisine that reflects its multi-ethnicity, which is similar to the population makeup here.  

Murtabak is a popular street food across Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.  It is made from locally produced ingredients, wrapped in the dough and pan-fried until golden and crunchy.  Tassie Murtabak offers a great variety of murtabak, made from minced meats including beef, chicken, mutton, along with garlic, egg and onion, and is usually eaten with curry or gravy.   

Ibrahim also makes different types of Roti, a flatbread found throughout Asia. Ibrahim’s Roti is crispy and buttery, made from locally milled flour.  From roti Kosong, a plain flat bread, to roti Bom a sweet, spiral puff bread and Roti Telur, made with eggs and a perfect breakfast treat. All are served with curry sauce, daal or plain sugar.

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