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Wanderer Mead

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At Wanderer Mead we make the oldest of all alcoholic drinks. Mead is made with honey and was drunk by Vikings, Druids, Romans, Celts and many others. It has always had connections with the gods and with magic and creativity. It is a drink with a history as old as humanity itself.

We are based in Launceston.  Our Mead maker loves history, myth and story-telling.  He started making Meads to discover what the delicious brews mentioned in stories tasted like.  So we make modern Meads from Ancient inspirations, using as many Tasmanian ingredients as we can.

At Wanderer Mead we make session meads. These are dry or semi dry. Drink them like a cider or a beer. With raw honey as the basis of what we make, our flavours are crafted with the herbs and spices we add.

Wanderer Mead uses only Tasmanian honey, water, fruit and herbs. Stephen Wilkins collaborates with local apiarists including Harvest Stallholders West Bee and Honey Tasmania. Fruit and spices for the traditional sweeter meads are sourced primarily from the Tamar Valley and the brewery is located at Dilston.

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Phone: 0401 425 787 or 6328 1644

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