West-Bee Honey

West-Bee Honey

West-Bee Honey in Westbury started as a hobby with approximately 20 hives, but after a couple of years David & Wendy Gibson decided to expand. Due to their pollination work, we now have approximately 200 hives, we literally produce everything on our home site, we machine all our timber, make boxes, frames, lids and base boards; we even produce our own excess wax for foundation.

At West-Bee Honey we specialise in producing a pure honey derived from flora that simply isn’t available anywhere else in Australia, and is produced by bees that roam freely across the clean, fresh lakes and mountains of Tasmania. We are a family business that prides itself in not only producing some of the best honey in Tasmania but also being environmentally friendly in the process.

Our bees not only produce some of the purest honey in Tasmania, they also assist local farmers with crop pollination. We strategically place hives in proximity to the required crop then we let the bees do the work. A bee’s natural instinct is to fly from blossom to blossom in search of nectar and pollen and, in the process, pollinating the crop.

We have samples of our different types of honey available for everyone to try; we are looking forward to meeting a new clientele at the Harvest Market.

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