Asparagus spearheads the changing of the seasons

A hallmark of the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market is acknowledging the passage of the seasons, and with spring, the arrival of the asparagus crop is always eagerly anticipated. This year, Harvest is fortunate to see the return of two asparagus producers to the market as a celebration of the increasing diversity of Tasmanian produce and… Read more

Producer Profile – Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs

Tamar Valley Pastured Eggs are an exciting new addition to the Harvest Market stallholder family, offering delicious free-range eggs direct from the farm to you. Their chooks roam around fresh Tamar Valley pastures and roost in purpose-built chook caravans that are moved regularly to fresh fields….life for these chooks is a perpetual holiday. Tamar Valley… Read more

Producer Profile: Banticks Farm

Banticks Farm is a family-run pasture free range egg producer in the southern midlands. Jeremy says: “Our hens range on our pastures, they dust bathe, scratch in the paddocks as they please and lay their eggs in our mobile chook houses. We don’t use artificial lights or heaters in our houses, our hens lay when they want.… Read more

Producer Profile: Lentara Grove

You may have noticed Lentara Grove absent from Harvest market for a few weeks. They were not on holiday, but working hard to harvest and process their olives. With the olive harvest over, chief oil maker Martin, had a little more time to explain the growing, harvesting and processing of their olives and the range… Read more

Annual Sawtooth ARI Gallery Fundraiser 2019

The Annual Sawtooth ARI Gallery Fundraiser returns Friday the 30th August. The Annual Fundraiser is a fabulous event that helps to support and encourage the continued presentation of contemporary art at Sawtooth ARI. The Annual Fundraiser is a key event for the non-for-profit organisation that aims to highlight and celebrate Launceston, Tasmanian and national artists… Read more

Tamar Valley Peace Festival 2019

Last weekend Tamar Valley Peace Festival volunteers were at Harvest spreading the word on all the exciting events and activities planned for the 2019 Festival. Celebrations kick off on Friday 9th to Sunday 18th August August. The intent of the Festival is to celebrate the roles of art, diversity, education and sport in building community… Read more

Tasmanian Whisky Week at Harvest

This Saturday (10 August) Harvest will be showcasing Tasmanian Whisky producers as part of the 2019 Tasmanian Whisky Week. Come and visit the Tasmanian Whisky and Spirits Association Harvest stall. Showcased will be products from Adams Distillery, Corra Linn Distillery, Fannys Bay Distillery, Iron House Distillery, Launceston Distillery, Tas Whisky Selectors and Turners Stillhouse. As… Read more

Black Gold

Every year as the days grow shorter and the frosty mornings become more frequent, there are some Tasmanians that know that this is the time, the time to discover “black gold”… Truffles are tubers, a rare, edible fungus that form among the roots of particular trees such as oaks and hazelnuts. We have recently welcomed… Read more

How Have You Reduced Your Use?

The end of the month marks the end of Plastic Free July. At Harvest, Plastic Free Launceston has been delivering informative activities for the month of July offering useful tips and sharing skills on reducing plastic use in everyday living, such as making plastic-free household and self cleaning products, beeswax wraps and composting. This Saturday… Read more

Making Bees Wax Wraps

Bees are fantastic little creatures. They make honey, wax and pollinate without payment or reward. In recent years beeswax wraps have become popular means to store food as an alternative to single use plastic wrap. Last Saturday Harvest patrons made their own beeswax wraps as part of Plastic Free July. To make beeswax wraps all… Read more