Climate and the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market

The first Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market of Autumn this year was the hottest market of the last seven years. The impact of this on stallholders was financially significant as by 11 am the number of people in attendance was down to a trickle. Produce was left over and food wasted. Volunteer, Meghan Bond was… Read more

A Fling of Ducks at Strelleyfield

Local poultry farmer Matthew Crane of Strelleyfield Free Range Ducks likes to keep his fling happy and on the move allowing them time to forage on diverse Tasmanian pastures for grasses, clovers, molluscs, and insects. At Strelleyfield Farm outside Launceston, Matt has spent the past few years building up his fling of ducklings in a… Read more

Gustatory delights at Taste of TamO’Shanter

If you are in a pickle regarding the best jam, paste, relish, chutney or pickle to go with a favourite dish then a gustatory experience awaits you with Karen Robson from Taste of TamO’Shanter at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market this Saturday.   Karen’s fingers are green (take a look at the market this… Read more

Love in the Tamar Valley

A desire for something new, a bit of Tamar Valley real estate to fall in love with that happened to have a crop of tomatoes, aubergines, cucumbers …. “What an opportunity” is how Tass Massis and Lorraine Summers, the new faces at Tamar Valley Hydroponics, describe their move into primary produce a mere four months… Read more

Autumn Gold

The days are shortening, the mornings are dark, the leaves are turning gold at the edges, but at the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market the ears of the sweetest corn and the ugliest root vegetables are beckoning at Elphin Grove Farm. Late summer sees the arrival at the market of ears of local corn to… Read more

A Festival of Local Garlic and Tomatoes

The perfect tomato from bright red, orange and purple to deep yellow will be there. As will the perfect bulb of purple garlic, smoked garlic or planting garlic. If your taste buds are not in hyperactive mode yet, they will be after a day immersed in all things garlic and tomato and all things related,… Read more

The 10th Ten Days on the Island

An epic Tasmanian adventure gets underway this week as Ten Days on the Island sees magic happen in far flung places. The whole of the Island is the stage as local and international artists occupy barns, sheds, galleries, pubs, vineyards, lawns and gardens to enthral, inspire and entertain. Spread across three weekends, the biennial festival… Read more

Get Your Bottoms Soggy!

Buoyancy might not be synonymous with floating on cardboard but by committing to the possibility of sustaining a soggy bottom and joining in the not necessarily waterproof cardboard boat regatta on the 3rd March, you will be committing to assist Tasmanian youth. The Soggy Bottom Regatta is on Sunday 3rd March at Waverley Park Lake.… Read more

Your Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market.

Your Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market is celebrating our stories. The market story is one of seven years of bringing fresh local food to locals.  It is about ensuring the market is sustainable as an authentic farmers’ market and as we undergo our annual renewal process it is an opportunity to reflect on the contribution… Read more

Back to School….. Back to Packed Lunches

It is back to school this week and the Harvest Launceston Community Farmers’ Market stallholders are a great resource for fresh and healthy packed lunches. Lunch boxes that are so good, mums and dads will soon be packing lunch for the office too. Harvest Market Manager Caroline has some tips on how to ensure your… Read more