This Week @ Harvest | June 26, 2021

Congratulations to our stallholders who won gold at the Royal Tasmanian Fine Foods awards this month. We will bring you details next week. This week, Hazelbrae Hazelnuts return with their lamb and we welcome new stallholder Corra Linn Distillery. It’s also the final week at the market (for now) for Seven Springs Farm, as Wouter is embarking on some exciting projects over the next 12 months. You can read more about his projects below.

Stallholders at Harvest This Week
41 Degrees South  
A Pinch of Tasmania
All Things Cherry
Brady’s Lookout Cider
Coronea Grove
Corra Linn Distillery
Delicious Little Things
Elgaar Farm & The Grain Family
Felds Farm
Fork It Farm
George Town Seafoods
Hazelbrae Hazelnuts
Hillwood Fresh Food Co
Honey Tas
Kabul Veggie Delights
Laos Fresh Farm
Meander Pastured Eggs
Meat Bread Cheese
Metcalf Distilleries 
Mr B & T Mushroom Garden
Mt Gnomon Farm
Oldway Farm & Tamar Artisan Smallgoods
One On The Slide
Pauls Hot Sauce
Provenance Coffee
Real Beef
Red Cow Organics
Ritual Coffee
Sandy’s Sourdough
Seoul Food
Seven Sheds
Seven Springs Farm
Southern Sky Cheese 
Strelleyfield Duck
Tas Daffodils
Tas Juice Press
Taste of Tam O’Shanter 
The Tea Equation
Three Peaks Organics  
West Bee Honey
West Tamar Fungi
Windara Orchard

Seven Springs Farm are embarking on some exciting projects during their break from the local weekly market. Wouter explains that it is all about creating a sustainable ongoing legacy to continue to be part of a positive future for the exciting local food movement in Tasmania.

A shed and a fence are at the top of his to do list.

First up is to build the shed large enough for the washing and packing of produce to create a better final product for customers. This will free up more time to grow a better product and ensure a better quality of life for the family on the farm.  To sequester carbon in the building, local materials such as bio-char enriched concrete, Seven Springs Farm milled timber for framing and finishing, on site clay and local wood chips will be used wherever possible.

Seven Springs Farm is designed around permaculture and regenerative practices that achieve a high amount of soil carbon sequestration. This will include more animal grazing, more cover cropping and the setting up of the first temperate climate syntropic agroforestry systems on the property. This means Seven Springs will prioritise supporting resilient ecosystems and sustaining healthy regenerative farming environment. The goal here is to achieve a higher amount of soil carbon sequestration, which results in an even tastier and more nutrient rich product to customers. Setting up these systems will see off farm inputs (like compost) reduced to nearly none, contribute to an even more closed farm loop which will keep scale, pricing and resiliency favourable into the future.

Wouter notes that sadly, “we are seeing the sad event of desertification caused by extreme overgrazing by marsupials. Therefore, finishing the construction of a 20ha farm boundary fence is essential to to prevent the continuation of this desertification. Currently we only have our vegetable growing areas fenced off from the wildlife. “To integrate more livestock and better soil building in these systems using more of our land is absolutely key for long term regeneration”, he notes. In the meantime, Wouter will be delivering veggie boxes to locals and will be back with even better produce in August 2022.

Join us on Saturday!

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