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The Team

The operations team are the eyes, ears, hands and feet of the market. Assembling the resources, mustering the stallholders and pinging off emails left right and centre all week to make the market a reality every Saturday morning. 

Amanda Woollams - Chief Operating Officer

Amanda brings over 20 years of experience in food manufacturing, regulation, manufacturing and certification to the Harvest table. With qualifications in ag-science, manufacturing engineering and law, Amanda has been able to provide valuable support to many reputable food manufacturers across a range of sectors. Specialising in recipe development, standardisation, certification and quality control programs, plus programs for local and export market readiness.

Amanda is particularly passionate about preparing businesses to access international export markets, with experience in China, Singapore, Indonesia and the USA. Extending from product creation to recipes to final labelling and packaging right through to the development of international supply chains and logistics management, Amanda capability to take an idea from concept to product is unmatched. In this way, Amanda has been dedicated to supporting businesses with growth and expansion throughout her varied and diverse career.

Amanda lives on the east Tamar and loves being part of an established premium food and wine culture. She has also been fortunate to travel and live overseas and work with international food producers and manufacturers in the UK, Europe and North and South America. In the downtime, Amanda can be found drinking mamajuanas and playing mahjong with her friends from the Dominican Republic. 

Signature dish: lemon curd tarts



Rhys Hannan - Market Manager & Resident Chef

Former restauranteur, chef, business graduate, psychology student, creative consultant, wannabe copywriter, amateur plumber, raptor enthusiast, mountain biking weekend-warrior inexperienced hunter, and general ne’er-do-well, Harvest’s full-time manager and resident chef wears many hats, none particularly stylishly.

A 20+ year veteran of the Tasmanian hospitality scene, and having completed the right-of-passage that is overseas work and travel for a young Launcestonian, Rhys is now broadening his career scope and skill set, unfolding a new chapter in an evolving hospitality career.  

Harvest Market has been central to this, making incredible connections and forming partnerships and collaborations with the broader food community a key part of his role. As Harvest’s full time manager, the weekly challenges and machinations of the market come across his desk, and the relationships Rhys forms with our members is critical. Something he takes personal pride and pleasure in doing. 

Rhys lives between Tasmania’s two cities, maintaining the connections we share with the south of the state, relationships with family and friends, and deepening his overall connection to Tasmania. 

Signature dish: Venison and chestnut mushroom pithiviers 


Scott Morrison - Marketing

Since stepping down from leadership of the federal liberal-national coalition and numerous ministerial portfolios, Scott has taken up a full-time role as marketer in chief of Harvest Market Launceston. 

Signature dish: Raw chicken yellow curry


Our Charter

Our Vision: The world’s best produce from the producer to the people

Our Mission: To be a sustainable farmers’ market with a distinct Tasmanian identity that celebrates and promotes authentic Tasmanian produce and:

• Offers an outlet to Tasmanian farmers and food artisans for the direct sale of a diverse range of fresh, local, high quality produce to consumers

• Fosters innovation and collaboration and encourages producers to explore the viability of new products

• Provides economic and social benefits to the community and;

• Cultivates a vibrant public space and an attraction for local residents and visitors

You can view a copy of our public charter here


The Board

The Harvest board is fundamental to our ongoing operation, management, and integrity. Being a not-for-profit community organisation, we are obligated to have expert oversight by a formal board. Bringing together a huge range of skills and talents, and decades of combined experience, the Harvest Board is proudly comprised of passionate, dedicated locals, invested in the future of Harvest and of Launceston. By the way, they’re all volunteers. That says it all really. 

Andrew Pitt - Chair

Andrew left Launceston as an 18 year old in 1992 then returned in 2009 for family and landscape and decided to stay. He is now involved in the family businesses, and can be found most days at Neil Pitt’s Menswear.

While overseas he lived for a number of years in Winchester, Hampshire, which at that time had England’s largest regular farmers market. The farmers market movement was establishing as an alternative to globalised food supply chains and the focus on local and seasonal food was formative.

Over the last few years he has been a driving force behind the designation of Launceston and the North as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy and remains involved as a director of Launceston Gastronomy.

He is a director of the Launceston Chamber of Commerce including President 2019-2022. He completed the Tasmanian Leaders Program in 2014 and was part of a group that brought the Welcome Dinner Project to Tasmania.

Signature dish: hare lasagne

Brett Charlton - Strategy and Public Officer

Brett has been a patron of the Harvest Market from day one and can usually be seen at 0820 lining up in the fish line. Coming from a business background, Brett manages an international logistics company (DSV) and has been a part of Tasmania’s international trade success for many years.

In addition to his day job, Brett is an advisor to the Federal Department of Infrastructure and presents nationally and internationally on supply chain trends. He is a board member of the Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG) as well as Vice President of the Tasmanian chapter of the Australia China Business Council.

Brett is also an avid writer and has had a number of articles published in 40 Degrees South on Tasmanian experiences and in his spare time, it would be rare not to see Brett with a guitar in hand.

Signature dish: whole baked snapper w/ finger limes 


Bronwyn Strange - Oversight and Public Officer

Bronwyn’s fondest childhood memories are of summer days spent in the kitchen creating delicious meals with her Cypriot Grandmother who was quite an accomplished cook. This lifelong love of food has turned into a career for Bronwyn who has been cooking professionally as a chef for the last 10 years.

Working in celebrated establishments including the award winning Bangor Vineyard Shed and The Red Feather Inn. She has recently been appointed Head Chef at the ever-popular Earthy Eats which is renowned for championing healthy, ethical and locally sourced food options.

A passionate advocate for Tasmanian produce, Bronwyn was instrumental in helping to establish the well-known and award-winning Bream Creek Farmers Market. She has also been included in several Tasmanian based cookbooks such as the Gourmand award-winning ‘Garlic Feast’ and ‘Tomato, Know, Grow , Sow, Feast’ and was one of the chefs chosen to create recipes for homeware range (celebrating Tasmania and Tasmanian produce) LUCASA at LUC designs in Hobart. 

A lover of the great outdoors, she enjoys nothing better than a camping trip in her Kombi Van (called “THE GOV”) with her family and sitting by a campfire with a nice glass of vino whenever she gets the opportunity.

Signature dish: 

Bjarke Porsbro-Pedersen - Public Officer

Founder and operator of Oldway Farm alongside son Luke and family, Bjarke has been involved with and deeply passionate about primary production and premium, ethically raised meats since his exit from the ADF and after a successful career in information and communication systems.

Bjarke and Oldway farm have been Harvest members since inception. Bjarke’s support and work for Harvest have taken many forms over the years, and he has performed all the roles at Harvest, from volunteering during setup to executive oversight.

An international chess grandmaster and falconry enthusiast, Bjarke is probably most famous for flicking Karl Magnusson’s ear during a championship match in Dubrovnik in 2003. Hilarity ensued and Bjarke was banned from international competition for life. 

Signature dish: pigs in blankets

Tricia Andres - Legal Officer

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Jess Downie - Legal Officer

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Melanie McHugh - Strategy and Public Officer

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Lydia Colvin - Public Officer

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Matt Young - Stallholder Representative

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Peter Cameron - Treasurer

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