At Harvest | 11 June, 2022

Amazing feedback, AgriCULTURED, new digs and paella comps.

First, it was the lettuce. Now it’s the Sriracha. Where will it end?! This type of food production catastrophe is becoming more and more common throughout the world. We need not go into the nitty-gritty of complex systems here. Not only is it not the place, but we also haven’t the faintest how to explain them anyway. Suffice to say that it is yet another illustration of the importance of the simple systems of farmers’ markets. The grower grows it, the maker makes it, and they sell it to you. Whatever ‘it’ happens to be, you can be assured that it is fresh and local at Harvest.

This being a newsletter, it is always handy when there is plenty of news to report on. Such is the case this week, with the official launch of agriCULTURED festival. agriCULTURED celebrates the contributions of the agrifood sector and how Tasmanian innovation, collaboration and quality can drive sustainable growth. We share these values at Harvest, and to celebrate that we are, alongside Beaker Street, hosting Ferment Stations. You’ll make your own sauerkraut in the market, receive wisdom from experts in fermentation and walk away with your very own jar of goodness to complement your meals all winter long.

And now for something completely different

You’ll recall a few weeks back we mentioned the amazing new place brand content from the City of Launceston. Angie and Clare have done incredible work bringing a true personality to Launceston and sharing that with the whole community. We can’t speak highly enough of this achievement. Not only that, but we are delighted to host an official launch at Harvest on the 25th of June. We’ll have some amazing new signage, colours, and artwork to unveil that will breathe new life into our space.

Turning to world news now and long-time Harvest friend Edrick Corban-Banks needs your support in the Internacional Concurso de paella Valencia de Sueca! Which is an international paella contest, but we really wanted to say it the fancy way. Edrick wants to represent Tasmania and part of this requires your votes. By representing Tasmanian produce on the international stage, Edrick is doing us all a favour. We’re certain he has a shot at glory. You can vote to support Edirck and Tassie by following the link above. Get to it!

Let’s talk about mash, baby.

Everyone loves mashed potatoes and winter is its time to shine. Buttery shine. Like vegemite on toast, one’s approach to mashed potatoes is highly personal. Butter, milk, cream, reduced cream, and olive oil are all presenting options for you to consider. Cooking methods, processing tools, fat ratios, potato varieties, seasonings… these are all factors. Are you a purist? Or do you allow for inclusions like bacon bits, parsley or some spring onions?

This has sparked long conversations around the harvest table, so we thought we’d share some variations on the theme for you to consider. Try extra virgin olive oil, roasted garlic and lemon zest for a Mediterranean feel. Go full English with plenty of milk and butter, black pepper and nutmeg. For the francophiles, there is the full puree de pomme de terre experience with excessive amounts of butter and cream. Or our current flavour of the month, mascarpone and scamorza, which delivers a rich and rewarding experience.

To finish we’d like to thank everyone for the amazing feedback on our new content. We are so chuffed with the reach of our little market and all your kind words. We are a disparate community from time to time at harvest, but we’re delighted to be taking up residence in a new office space. A big thanks to Eat Well Tasmania for the invite to a brilliant event this week, and congratulations on your work. Keep an eye out for another partnership with them soon. And don’t forget to rug up with the wintery blast coming our way!

That’s it from us this week. Thanks for reading.

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