This week at Harvest-Mother’s Day floral delights 12th May 2018

At Harvest Launceston, Heathermoor Peonies will be at Harvest this Saturday with three root stock varieties of their stunning peonies – Marguerite Gerard (light pink), Felix Crouse (bright pink) and Early Pink which flower four weeks before the others in early October. Ready to plant now! Tas Daffodils also have a large range of floral bulbs and root… Read more

This week at Harvest: Marmalades, Hazelnut and Salsa – 5th May 2018

  Photo credit: Sarah Rhodes/The Visual Storyteller Vix Kitch will be holding their last market this week before they commence their travels so don’t forget to pick up some heavenly plum chutney, (a great substitute for cranberries), a wide variety of marmalades and Madras chutney (great for samosas) before they go. Hazelbrae Hazelnuts have confirmed they are returning… Read more

This week at Harvest: Tassie Popcorn and Hawka – 28th April 2018

At Harvest Launceston this week, corn will be popping at Elphin Grove Farm showcasing a specialised crop he has been nurturing. He will be collaborating with A Pinch Of… to bring popcorn to the market in the future.  A pinch of.. has a new product range using freeze-dried and dehydrated vegetable, fruits, herbs and spices.… Read more

Waffles, Crisp Ciders and Scotch fillet – 21st April 2018

At Harvest Launceston, Kooee All Natural Snacks will have exciting new flavours to taste including kimchi, lime, mushroom, miso and Korean BBQ. Guy from Mount Gnomon farm will have mouth-watering rib eye, scotch fillet and chuck steak for a hearty slow-cooked recipe. He will also be serving the famous pea and ham soup and pork  + gravy rolls,… Read more