At Harvest | 12 August, 2023

The live and direct edition: Market report, Hawk’s home game weekend, a strong showing and celebrity likes!

This edition of the ‘at Harvest’ blog/newsletter/rambling is coming to you live and direct from the prep bench at The Still in Hobart. As our resident chef/blog writer/rambler Rhys is in the midst of Yes Deer, his wild produce pop-up. It’s his first return to the kitchen in 1300 days, and to some degree, it shows. He is, we’re told, “dans le merde” as the pros say. So in the interest of brevity and mise en place, this is gonna be a short and sweet one. Push on chef, service approaches.

At Harvest

We like to think that Harvest stands as a testament to the abundant riches of both the land and the culinary arts. Our bustling market has become more than just a weekly event. It has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that brings people together to celebrate the flavours and stories of their region. From The Hawk’s electrifying home games to Curly’s enchanting cooking magic for kids, or our upcoming Welcome to Kanamaluka activation. Or the ever-mysterious Hawka and thier fork. We like to paint a vivid tapestry of experiences that encapsulate the essence of local life.

This week at Havrest we have the usual outstanding fare for your enjoyment. It’s Saffron Tasmania week, those miraculously coloured stamen are ready for your riso milanese and, if you ask really nicely, Bjarke at Oldway farm might have some osso bucco to go with, such is the tradition of the dish. Speaking of Oldway, Rodney and Emina are back on deck this week with thier breakfast offerings. As are Malverna’s Paellas. Brilliant. Coronea Grove are back from what we can only presume was a little holiday. Welcome back guys! There are still truffles, Tristan has pepperberries to spice up the last of your winter braising, and all your usual favs are here for you through thick and thin. Legends that they are.

Other Stuff at Harvest

In a stroke of genius, Curly’s and What’s on Hawka’s Fork is turning cooking into an enchanting experience for the younger generation. Curly, a charismatic and skilled chef, hosts interactive cooking sessions that captivate children’s imaginations while imparting valuable culinary skills. As little hands mix, measure, and create, they also gain a deeper understanding of the ingredients that come from the very soil beneath their feet. This connection between food and earth fosters a sense of appreciation for the local harvest and encourages cooking from an early age.

Speaking of culinary intrigue, Hawka and their enigmatic culinary journey of Hawka’s Fork have become a topic of fascination and conversation. Hawka, a culinary artist shrouded in mystery, takes the kiddies on a voyage of flavors and textures that challenge thier preconceived notions of taste. Easy recipe’s that leave thier taste buds tingling with delight and curiosity. Kids eating healthy? Yes please.

The Fermentation Activaiton Wrap Up

As we reflect on Agricultured 2023, the annual festival celebrating our agricultural north, one cannot help but marvel at the abundance and diversity thought and ideas that come from the event. These serve as a reminder of the tireless efforts of local farmers, thinkers, activists and artisans, whose dedication pushes us al forward. Agricultured 2023 also witnessed the resounding success of our Fermentation Activation! The workshops was a resounding success, and even ot a shout out from Karen Martini! That’s a big deal to anyone in the culinary world. If we introduced even one person to the ancient art of fermentation, we’ve won.

One more thing. You may have noticed a pop-up by resident chef Rhys Hannan at The Still in Hobart, aptly named “Yes Deer.” Rhys’ culinary prowess has been on hold in recent years. But this weeken he has crafted a menu that paid homage to the amazing wild food of this land. Guest will be treated to a symphony of flavors in the form of wild harvested and locally sourced ingredients. Rhys is transforming them into exquisite dishes that showcases simplicity and flavour. This pop-up not only underscoreds the versatility of the Harvest Market’s resident chef, but we like to think also served as a bridge connecting different culinary communities.

Join us on Saturday!

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