At Harvest | 15 July 2023

The 100th edition.

At least from this author. Records for the ‘at Harvest’ blog date back to September 2018. Pre-covid, if anyone can remember such a time. In reality, there are 258 posts here, all following two golden rules. Don’t speak in the first person, and make it about Harvest. This is about Harvest but for now, to borrow a phrase, this is my post. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Another rule I frequently disobey is the one about less is more. I’ll try here though.

For what else is there to say? I have a dream job. There are many people to thank for making this so, but to thank individuals here is to miss the point. At Harvest I am privileged to be around some of the world’s finest food, to work with and around brilliant people, to be creative, and to be connected to people I know and love. And they pay me for this. Can you believe that?!

There are only two things that are really important at Harvest. Our stallholders and our community. That’s you, dear reader. And while I’ll make no secret of the fact that there are (only slightly) fewer names on this mailing list than there were when I began, there are still over 2000 of you that have opened this email and turned up at the market each week. If you want to know who’s coming to the market tomorrow, you can find that in a few places. If you just wanted carrots, well you can find those in a few places too. There is something that keeps you coming back. It’s really hard to define but so easy to understand. Whatever it is it was self-evident in your support for our, shall we say, sub-optimal outcome from last week. That was something else again.

Thank you for reading, thank you for coming to the market, thank you to all our stallholders, and thank you, Harvest.

The ‘at Harvest’ market update will resume normal programming next week.

Here’s to the 200th edition.

See you tomorrow.

Join us on Saturday!

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