At Harvest | 17 December, 2022

A FOGO announcement and our busiest market yet! Too much going on at Harvest for a subheading this week.

We knew it couldn’t last. Apologies for the interruption to the no-nonsense newsletters of December, but there was bound to be an interruption at some point. That said, the interruption that has occurred is a no-nonsense issue. Let’s fill you in on the rounds at Harvest.

Here we FOGO

You may or may not be aware, but on the 6th of December the City of Launceston announced the “temporary suspension of the inclusion of compostable packaging in its organics processing facility, which means that for the short term, event compostable packaging cannot be accepted or processed at the Launceston organics facility.” This is quite a shock to us at Harvest and poses us with both some immediate problems to solve and some long-term opportunities. We thought it necessary to be open and transparent about what we’re doing and how we’re doing it.

So, we are undertaking to an audit of the packaging used in the market, and seeking binding assurances from manufacturers of its suitability for commercial composting. We are separating food waste from other wastes, to ensure that whatever we can compost, we will. And we are talking with our stallholders, to minimise the impact on them and ensure that the market remains aligned with their interests and practices, yours and the community’s.

While this creates some short-term challenges, we recognise that it also creates a long-term opportunity to become a truly waste-free farmers’ market and to lead the way for the community in sustainable waste management practices. We have an incredible community that includes specialists in this area, passionate about this issue and ready to help Harvest rise to this challenge. While we must adapt, we remain committed to the health and sustainability of our environment, our market, and indeed the community at large.

Actually At Harvest

It is honestly the biggest market we’ve seen since this time last year. If you have a favourite product or need that thing for the table, it is at Harvest this week. Vix Kitch is on. For real this time. What joy! Vicky and Mal always have the goods, bringing you perfect gift items and table treats.

Mr Guy (Robertson, not Smilie) and Mt. Gnomon Farm are around. They have been bumped to an unusual spot to allow Guy to access his truck to distribute hams. Ham joy! We’ve been sharing the ham love over the last few years at Harvest, and the choices are all amazing and difficult to separate. Do we smell a ham-off coming on? Yes, yes we do. Black Barn Hill and Fork it Farm are making a double act of it. It is a double flowers week. Westerway Berry Farm are joining the seasonal ranks this week, rounding out the berry options for your summer table. Huge kudos to them for making the trip north from in-deep southern Tasmania.

Our egg producers (or rather, their chickens) have upped production. Cherries are tentatively arriving. Some of our dedicated regulars are out for various circumstances. See our list. Weather, weddings and events are all factors this time of year. Our complement of distillers and condiments is at absolute full strength, with Shellduck and Mumma Shazz, Corra Linn and Derwent Distilleries making their Christmas run. The time is ripe for gastronomic gift purchases, and your Christmas menu planning should be coming along. There is no shortage of inspiration on both at Harvest.

Celebrity Hop Workshop

Register here for this great NYE event. Presented by FermenTAS and Beerfest Launceston and held in the Harvest Market, this hop blending and brewing workshop and discussion promise to introduce you to the amazing world of hops and beer flavouring and fermentation. Plus, ease you into the vast array of tastes, aromas and colours for enjoyment at Beerfest Launceston later in the afternoon. Or immediately thereafter the workshop if you like! Hey, you do you it’s NYE baby! It’s going to be a fantastic vibe at the market on NYE and this is a brilliant way to lead yourself to something rewarding on NYE. join us!

Two from two for FiF

The Ops team had the pleasure on Thursday last week to attend VNT’s Champions of Tourism awards dinner. Another amazing event that celebrated all that is good and right with tourism in Northern Tasmania. Dan and Kim Croker of Fork it Farm made it two from two with the awards nights, taking home the coveted Champion Food Ambassador! Join us in (another) huge congratulations to Dan and Kim! May the accolades continue to flow in 2023.

Finally, A huge thanks to all our members, volunteers and staff, past and present, dignitaries and board members for making our Christmas party such a huge shebang!

Thanks for reading, must go. Christmas is coming…

Join us on Saturday!

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