At Harvest | 17 February, 2024

Changing seasons and changing times. Plus, seafood accessories and what to expect from 2024

Although it doesn’t look like it’s out the window right now, summer is technically drawing to a close. The changing of the seasons always gives us pause here in the Harvest office, providing a chance to reflect and regroup. As we do, we inevitably ask ourselves the big questions, such as did we put in enough beach time? Could we have bbq’d more crayfish than we did? Was our last cheese and wine pairing as good as it could have been? Ultimately, did we really make the most of it?

Yeah, we did.

Or at least, we think we did. The evidence is substantial if we rattle off our cooking and food highlights of the summer. There has been the BBQ’d fish, shellfish, and accessories, fresh as fresh can be. Not to mention the porch chops, snags and burgers. The passata (lordy, so much passata!) and the fun new experiment of smoked tomato passata. Let’s remember the seafood risotto and the lion’s mane and eggplant skewers. Or the venison skewers, for that matter. The herb salads. The crunch of cucumber, licked by mint, and jalapeƱo dressing. Someone ripped out pesto-dressed roast new potatoes (that was a crowd-pleaser).

We reflected on the platters of cheese, the bottles of wine, the salmon fritters, and the pickles and jams. The tips and tricks and tweaks to the dishes were dissected ad infinitum, as were the nuances of the tomato season. Each conversation only reinforcing that yes, we made the most of it and adding to our knowledge and joy.

This is our metric for summer’s value extraction. We hope it is yours too. We believe it is. Because, you consistently turn out in the market to buy the same produce that we do. To cook for your friends and loved ones, like we do. Because you cherish the seasons as the arise. You do it because you know it’s better, tastier, healthier and more enjoyable than all the alternatives. You do it because these things enrich your life, support your community and keep the dollars here, in Tasmania. Isn’t it fair to say that if more of us did this more consistently, that would be a good thing? We think so.

For all these reasons, and many more besides, we thank you for a great summer. It’s not quite over yet, and we’d love to see it go out in fine form. So, if there is someone who you think would be enriched in the ways we’ve just described, bring them to Harvest.

Season 2024

What to expect from season 2024? Shot answer: who knows? Who can be sure of anything in this wild, mixed-up world these days? This would be a fair assessment of any rational person. However, in the same vein as death and taxes, we have the Harvest market. One thing we are certain of around here is that we will continue to work hard on delivering the best possible market each and every week. For our stallholders, for our community, and for the betterment of the place we live in. Summer might be on the way out, but we’re here to stay.

Thanks for reading, see you at the market.

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