At Harvest | 18 March 2023

WANDERLUST RETURNS! So exciting we had to go with all-caps. Plus, the Tomato and Garlic Festival, a chip pitch, Psychs on Bikes and an animate compost HEAP.

Feast or famine, right? In literal terms, there is always a feast at Harvest. Figuratively though, sometimes we’re famished for content for our weekly diatribe. Not so this week. With so much going on at Harvest we’ll struggle to contain this blog to the sub-1000 word mark. Away we go.


Again with the all-caps, but it really is that exciting. After a three-week hiatus to build a new van turned into an eight-week melodrama slash holiday, Wanderlust finally returns to us at Harvest. Having suffered a knee through a brand new oven door, innumerable emails enquiring after their wellbeing, a good ol’ time at a festival and – we’re certain – more than a few frustrating conversations, Sal and Cozza have made it through. Few times in living memory has the absence of a particular stallholder been so glaring. Had we not been 100% on their return, knowing they were coming back stronger than ever, the break would have been intolerable. But no fear! We’re absolutely stoked to see them back, excited to see the new digs, and frothing for a delicious falafel wrap. Oh, you are too? Yeah you are. Welcome back dudes!

Chips Ahoy

Here is a pitch to any and all: Chips. Hear us out. We’re going through the machinations of our ready-to-eat stallholders. That got us thinking, there are no chips in the market. Why? Because we adhere strictly to our charter which states that you must use Tasmanian, and preferably Harvest Market produce to serve food to our patrons. Why does this preclude chips? It doesn’t. So here’s the pitch.

A stall, for argument’s sake, let’s call it Chips Ahoy. Chips Ahoy sells hand-made chips – and only handmade hot chips – with a choice of tomato sauce or aioli, plain or chicken salt. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Here are the rules. You buy potatoes from Mantje Produce, and only Mantje Produce. These, you turn into chips yourself. You work with A Pinch of Tasmania for your seasonings. You make the aioli with market eggs and garlic, and you either make the ketchup (strictly from TNGT tomatoes) or work with Delicious Little Things to produce it. Oh, and you have to serve them in an old-skool paper cup. Wanna be part of the market and make some money? This is how. Email us if you think you’ve got what it takes.

The TNGT Festival

Annette and Nev of TNGT are hosting their annual Garlic and Tomato Festival this Sunday! We simply love Annette and Nev. Their history in northern Tasmania, their skills, and their commitment to what they do are truly remarkable. Held on their property at Selbourne, the festival is – get this – this biggest collection of tomato varieties that you’ll find – here’s the kicker – anywhere in this country. Isn’t that awesome?! We think it is. Attentive readers will recall that Annette’s grandfather built the rodeo grounds at Birrallee, an event we had an absolute time at back in January. Well, Selbourne is just up the road from there, it’s beautiful country. If you’ve even a remote interest in growing tomatoes, you simply can’t miss this festival. Please show them some love and get along.

Two other bits to mention this week. First, HEAP. HEAP is this year’s contribution to Ten Days on the Island from Terrapin Theatre. A 3.5m tall, animate compost heap! Yes, we’re confused and alarmed too. But not so alarmed that we wouldn’t welcome HEAP to Harvest. We love a compost heap! Terrapin is an internationally renowned theatre company and this isn’t their first rodeo at Harvest. Can’t wait to see what they bring.

HEAP, and Psychs on Bikes.

Second, Psychs on Bikes, an organisation of mental health professionals raising awareness of mental health issues in rural and remote communities.  With a passion for mental health, and a desire to reduce the burden of mental illness in rural Australia, Psychs on Bikes is providing a critical contact point for mental health awareness and treatment for rural and regional Australia. This week, it’s our turn! Head up, they also have a passion to ride motorbikes. Focused on mental health, they tour communities in rural and remote Australia providing support, advice, and awareness, plus free mental health checks. Come and have a chat, it could be the best thing you ever do.

OK, we’ll leave it there for now. If you need to know who is who in the zoo this week, you can always flick over to the website through the link above. Or just rock up and check it out in the morning. Thanks for reading, we’re super excited about this week! See you there.

p.s 803 words! We kept it under the limit!

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