At Harvest | 20 April, 2024

Moby Dick, smoked salmon, some weekend reading, and a brief musing on venison.

Unfortunately, it behoves us to once again notify you of the absence of Georgetown Seafoods. Chris isn’t doing his best impersonation of Ahab, chasing Moby about the straits. Though he is still amidst the tempest of boat maintenance.

However! One can get one’s piscine fix through Ben and his amazing salmon products.

Otherwise, we’ve got a couple of favourites on the SOMA stage this week and another fine forecast so, happy days.

This Week at Harvest

The recent rainfall in several of Tasmania’s growing regions has been a welcome sight, providing much-needed nourishment to the soil. This precipitation, while perhaps not abundant, has been beneficial in coaxing the early brassicas to tenderise sooner than expected. A couple of frosts early would be damaging to some crops, but would make for the perfect silverbeet and chard. With this timely rain, there’s some hope for a fruitful season ahead. Let’s celebrate the rain’s bounty and its role in nurturing our crops to tender perfection.

We’re thrilled to witness a remarkable display of produce as we delve deeper into Autumn. The Thirlstane Gardens is practically singing with greens right now. Meanwhile, the array of heirloom squash is flourishing in its peak season in a few places, offering a tantalising variety of flavours and textures. We notice Tim and Plant’s Direct are offering a testament to the continuing season. There is always planting to do in Tim’s world, always promising a delightful addition to our culinary repertoire. And as we mentioned, let’s not forget Ben and his exceptional hot-smoked salmon, a truly delicious and brilliant product that never fails to impress. As the rains continue and milder conditions grace us through April, we hold high hopes that this abundance will endure, ensuring a bounty of flavours for the days to come.

Some “Reading”

Apologies for the broken link to the Czech researchers with brilliant names last week. Here it is now. It’s a heavy-hitting article, but the Harvest General Mailing List is a heavy-hitting audience. Put very simply: People come to Farmers’ Markets for more than just food, and increasing cross-category spending is hard.

Senator Nick McKim tore Brad Banducci a new one in the senate hearing this week. Brilliant.

This is how we feel about packaging sometimes.

And, shameless plug alert, read up on the amazing keynote speakers coming up at the 25th Symposium of Australian Gastronomy in July. This is really an event not to be missed if you have even a passing interest in food, gastronomy, the culinary arts or anything related to the food you consume and how you consume it. You can book your place on the website too.

And a Brief Musing on Venison

Venison. Venison is not having a moment. Maybe because Martha hasn’t got onto it yet. It deserves one though, given that we’re getting into prime venison season. Venison in Tasmania often flies under the radar, overshadowed by more mainstream meats. Yet, it’s an amazing product, waiting to be explored. With the rich and diverse resources at our disposal, it’s high time we shine a spotlight on this delectable game meat. Picture succulent venison simmering in a hearty stew or tender venison steaks seared to perfection on the grill. The possibilities are as endless as the Tasmanian wilderness itself. Perhaps it’s time for enterprising individuals to embark on real investment in this locally sourced, sustainable and pestilent resource. Venison to the forefront of Tasmania’s gastronomic scene we say!

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow x

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