At Harvest | 20 May, 2023

At Harvest: The Events Edition. New Stallholder, World Bee Day, Hawka’s Fork, The Australian Musical Theatre Festival, National Volunteer Week, and also a farmers’ market.

For one reason or another, this is the week for intense community engagement at Harvest. There is a lot to get through, so let us get the market update reported post-haste. Huzzah.

At Harvest

It’s a busy one boy howdy. While some of our seasonals may be on the long break, we’ve got new breakfast offerings and increased attendance coming your way. Join us in extending a huge Harvest welcome and congratulations to one Juan Ignacio Enrique (best name ever) and Malvinas Paellas! The road to becoming a ready-to-eat stallholder is neither short nor easy. You have to pass muster, and also meet some pretty stringent criteria. Juan has been down that road and has finally reached its end. Malvinas Paella is making its debut at Harvest tomorrow, and knowing what we know we’re obviously excited. Congrats Juan! See you tomorrow.

Plus, we’ll be seeing Derwent Distillery doubling their participation rate to fortnightly shortly. Who could argue against more of Robbie’s company? Ditto for Cake of Peace, and ditto for Jenna. Oldway Farm and the mercurial Bjarke have been mentoring some new Tasmanians in the primary produce space. They’re beginning to roll out some tests of some certifiably paddock-to-plate options. Exciting. We’ve got our monthly appearances from La Cantara and Fork it Farm, Mumma Shazz is in the house, and Truffles of Tasmania are hinting at some early-season fresh truffles soon. Eek! Rounding it out we have Metz Pets covering off on doggo, and Three Peaks Organics and A Pinch of Tasmania are both back after a cheeky week out. With all this and our irrepressible and irreplaceable weekly cohort, autumn’s closing salvos are in form.

Intense Community Engagement

Saturday is World Bee Day! Bees are bloody incredible and critical little critters that we depend upon a great deal. Wear yellow and have a yarn with our resident apiarists this week. Both Wendy and Tristan are pillars of the honey industry in Tasmania, with innumerable awards between them. Shopping for produce at Harvest is one of the most bee-friendly ways to buy your food, along with numerous other benefits.

The SOMA stage is hosting the Australian Musical Theatre Festival, with a special appearance from Todd Kenney! If musical theatre is your jam, this is a big deal. We’re certain they’ll be putting on quite a show. Plus we’ve got our SAla and Square dancers sharing the stage afterwards too.

And you may have noticed on our social media that it’s National Volunteer Week. We speak loudly, proudly and often about the indispensable role volunteers play at Harvest, and in the community at large. And what we say, we mean. They are part and parcel of the market every week, and we simply wouldn’t be without them. We have a special recognition of our Harvest Heroes at the market this week, and we thank any and everyone who has ever volunteered for our humble little market.

And finally, it’s a Hawks home game week and you know what that means? Hawka and Curly prowl around at Harvest, exciting the kids with cooking and healthy goodness. This runs counter to Curly’s other sometime-tactic with children, which is known as the ‘fill them with gelato and send them home to their parents’ methodology. Sound methodology sure, however, it’s the healthy option this week. Kids have to know how to cook and eat well to grow up strong like Hawka and Curly! A big splash of Hawk’s colours, handball targets, giveaways and happy days. We love having Hawka at the market and we’re stoked to have them around again!

That is a lot now that we say it out loud actually yeah. Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow 🙂

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