At Harvest | 22 April 2023

A home game week, pork on your fork, bulbs to delight, last call for hemp products, and a coming soon…

Another week at Harvest is upon us. It happens to be a home game round for the mighty Tassie Hawks, we’ve got a bumper market and yet another fine forecast ahead. Good times, good times. Pidder patter, let’s get at ‘er.

This week at Harvest

Most of the time, putting the adjective triple ahead of your chosen noun is good. Of course, there are some notable exceptions, like bypass, but this week the general rule applies. It’s a triple pork week. See? In addition to the wonderful Oldway Farm and the magnificent Mt. Gnomon, the amazing Fork It Farm is in for the week. Donna and Tas Daffodils are around still, and this week have some special beauties to delight in when spring rolls around. Narcissus Bolbocodium, (‘Golden Bells’ or the ‘petticoat daffodil’) for the botanists among you, struck us as a particularly fine specimen.

A warm welcome back to Shelduck Farm, whom we haven’t seen since mid march. It is always lovely to have Sally and her devoted family around. For the company, sure, but also because it rounds out the snacking platter options available at that end of the market. We’re talking Elgaar Farm, we’re talking Taste of Tam O’Shanter41 Degrees South and Three Peaks Organics. Condiments, anyone? Not to mention the likes of Seven Sheds and Honey Tasmania, you can’t have honey-glazed pork and beers without them.

Speaking of beers, it’s your last chance to jump in and grab some hemp seed brews, a great 7 Sheds and Tassie Hemp collaboration. Tim and his Hemp Company are about to go on their off-season, so don’t miss your chance to jump in and stock up. Hemp is a remarkable thing, and Tim’s is a remarkable business. If hemp products are your thing, or if you’ve ever been curious, the time is now.

What’s on Hawka’s Fork

It’s a Hawks home game week and you know what that means? Hawka and Curly prowling around at Harvest, exciting the kids with cooking and healthy goodness. This runs counter to Curly’s other sometime-tactic with children, which is known as the ‘fill them with gelato and send them home to their parents’ methodology. Sound methodology sure, but it’s the healthy option this week. Kids have to know how to cook and eat well to grow up strong like Hawka and Curly! A big splash of Hawk’s colours, handball targets, giveaways and happy days. We love having Hawka at the market and we’re glad to see them back.

Coming Soon…

We’ve been teasing a few new additions to the ready-to-eat lineup for a while now, and we’re super excited to say that two of these teases have cleared the final hurdles. They’re going through the formalities shortly and we’ll have some dates and announcements shortly thereafter. We’re super excited about this. Our ready-to-eat cohort is amazing, and we wouldn’t change them for the world. But with Smallgrain gaining the most honourable of discharges and natural attrition, it’s time for some fresh meat, and we have it coming. Watch this space.

Thanks as always for reading, looking forward to another huge and fabulous outing for your family and ours at Harvest this week.

Join us on Saturday!

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