At Harvest | 23 March, 2024

The Community Engagement Edition: Tasmania Reads Week and the Low Carbon Launceston Survey. Plus, Cox’s Orange Pippins (the quintessential Tasmanian apple) and some long-awaited returns.

We love our community. However you choose to define the community you belong to, we all rely upon it to one degree or another. It is something we’re all intrinsically part of. That’s why, when we have the opportunity to participate in such an important and brilliant community initiative like Tasmania Reads Week (TRW), we always leap at it. in fact, we’re so keen for it that we’re going to start there.

Read, Grow, Pick, Cook, Eat!

Get ’em young. That’s always been our motto. If we can encourage the nippers and their young parents to be involved in, shop at, and generally be around the market, we can create customers for life. It’s business-101. There are few life skills as important to a child than good literacy and numeracy skills. Skills that are terrifyingly amiss in some sections of our community. We want to do our little part in helping to address that. We thought, can we engage kids with reading, growing, and cooking all in one holistic swoop? Thanks to TRW, yes. Yes we can.

Read, Grow, Pick, Cook, Eat is all about growing, preparing, and cooking healthy food for young children and their families. And reading, of course. Recipe books are the best books of all. Oh, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar (Eric Carle) and Where the Forest Meets the Sea (Jeannie Baker). At least, theses are the favourites around the Harvest office.

Bring your favourite book to share! We’ll have reading, storytelling, mini kid-friendly healthy food preparation and demonstrations. We’re going to inspire you and your ankle biters to get healthy with reading and eating. Plus, Launceston Library is excited to bring a pop-up library to the market too! You can join your local library, learn about what’s happening at your local library, and borrow excellent cookbooks, children’s books, and more during the day. Amazing. We can’t thank Libraries Tasmania enough for Tasmania Reads Week, and we can’t wait to get stuck into it tomorrow.

This Week in the Harvest Community

After what feels like an eternity now, we’re delighted to see Mumma Shazz, Shelduck Farm and Fork It Farm return to our market space. We were cooking with the very last of our Pauper’s Capers from Fork It just yesterday, and we’re super excited about their collaboration with Loose Goose for some pâté and rillettes too. We’re getting in on some of that action for sure. Come to think of it… duck liver pâté on an oatcake… yes please. Or, spread thick on some old-skool soda bread a la Mumma Shazz… more yes please.

Plus, the irrepressible Caro and Chris (of Brady’s Lookout Cider and apple-boob fame, see our instagram) announced that the Cox’s Orange Pippins are ready for Harvest! What joy. We love everything about a COP, the history, the flavour, the cool way you can tell they’re genuine by shaking the seeds around a bit. We also love that they’re brought to us naturally, not cold stored, waxed, prepped, or fussed over. This only adds to the authenticity of the Tasmanian apple experience you can get at Harvest right now.

Plus, as always your known-and-loved regulars are right there in the mix too. Scoopy, Thirlstane Gardens, 7 Springs, Steve’s Veg, Delicious Little ThingsGeorgetown SeafoodsSandy’sYang’s and All Things Cherry, eggs, cheese, oils and many more will all be eagerly awaiting you at the opening bell too.

The Low Carbon Launceston Survey.

One more thing. The City of Launceston wants to hear from you about the best ways to decarbonise our city. Do you want to see more climate action and sustainability initiatives in Launceston? We do, and we need meaningful data to do so. That means responses. So, CoL is working with residents, businesses, community groups and schools to deliver a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Launceston, improving quality of life for our community and the natural environment.

This survey will take about 10 minutes to complete. You’ll be providing critical information to help them develop an action plan to reduce carbon and other emissions generated from our homes, businesses and travel. Please, take the time to have input into the future of the Launceston community.

Under 18 Community Survey –

Over 18 Community Survey –

Business Survey –

For more information visit the Low Carbon Launceston webpage.

Thanks for reading! A pertinent sentence given everything we’ve discussed today. See you tomorrow!

Join us on Saturday!

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