At Harvest | 24 June 2023

The Bounce Back Edition: Many happy returns, special appearances, extracurricular activities and shameless plugs.

There is no hiding that it’s been a little grey and drizzly at Harvest these last two weeks. This is why it’s so great to see that our patron community is still turning out in numbers, and our stallholder roster is back on the upswing! Happy daze. Let’s give the people what they want.

This week at Harvest

A bounce-back week! Wanderlust have bounced back despite a knee-related mischief. La Cantara and Mt. GnomGnom have similarly bounced back after Dark MOFO. Our wild fisherman has bounced back from what must have been sheer exhaustion from hauling in some monster tuna (more on this in a moment). Coronea Grove has bounced back following the olive harvest. Fork it Farm are bouncing in, now that it’s the fourth Saturday of June. West Tamar Fungi are bouncing back post whatever it was that was keeping TIm away. Hopefully, it was a well-deserved holiday. All our stallholders are bouncing back at Harvest after what had been a moderately stressful couple of weeks. The rough weather has bounced out. All of this combines to bounce our beloved market back from less-than-ideal conditions. OK, we’re done with the bouncing narrative now.

Further, there are two special appearances of not at Harvest this week. First, the wonderful Sue and KimchiMe. Winter is the ideal fermentation time, seeing that temperatures and humidity are stable. Cold and high, but stable. Sue will be hosting the agriCULTURED Ferment Stations at Harvest in August as well. More on that later too. Secondly, we have Andrew Beazley and his WIld Tasmanian FIshing Coop. Man, if you’d seen the pic of the tuna he’s been sending us! In fact, to hell with it, see attached pic! Fresh as Tasmania tuna at Harvest? Damn straight.

Activities and Shameless plugs

We’re marching ourselves off to Sprout’s annual conference Cross Pollinate this weekend. Not only is Harvest proudly sponsoring the event, but we’d also never turn down a chance to spend a weekend learning about sustainable and small-scale farming. Plus a chance to visit said farms! These events are invaluable chances for learning, relationship building and generally supporting what is fundamental to us at Harvest: passionate small-scale primary producers. Salt of the earth stuff. Tickets are technically closed, but we’re willing to bet you a C-note you could swing one if you’re in the know.

Plus, we have AgriCULTURED coming up in August, activations from Junction Arts Festival, Plastic Free July, and a special event that we can’t say much about right now, but will be one of a kind in Tasmania when it comes around.

Time for that shameless plug.

FermenTAS has just today released tickets to Exploring Umami: A Miso Workshop. This will be an active cooking demonstration and class, through which you’ll explore the depth and breadth of miso and umami, be wined and dined, and probably (hopefully) learn a thing or two as well. Featuring one Chris de Bono of Meru Miso, a local food legend to be sure. Meru miso is an incredibly innovative product for Tasmania. Think about it. Tasmanian miso, who’d have thought that possible a decade ago? Chris did, and we’re all the richer for it.

Here is the shameless plug part though, our very own Chef de Mission at Harvest, one Rhys Hannan is your presenting chef for the workshop. Rhys has designed the menu around Chris’ miso products and it promises to be delicious, fun and engaging. Simple stuff with a focus on great produce and good techniques. As all good cooking should be. Places are limited, so get in and secure your tickets ASAP.

Join us on Saturday!

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