At Harvest | 27 May, 2023

Lily Farm bouquet for Mother's Day, flowers last so well!

The Chill Edition – the last week of Autumn, produce, projects, products, people.

There is no denying that the pace and personnel are a little slower in the cooler months at Harvest. And that’s kind of OK. We try to use our time wisely, and with so many little projects in the works, there is plenty to keep us busy. More on that in a sec. First though, we may not be Alan Kohler, but we do have a market report for you.

This week at Harvest

Our friend and yours, one Tim from West Tamar Fungi is back this week, we’re hoping with some of his hyperlocal mushroom soup that we’ve been hanging out for. In fact, both our mushroom growers have been beavering away developing products. Keep an eye out for a riso (risotto, for the civilians out there) pack from Mr. Brown and Towns in the near future. Your sweet baby Rae Rae from Delicious Little Things has a new iteration of the scrolls that she’s been crafting lately. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be delicious. Sandy’s are back from their unexpected and most unfortunate absence last week.

Pillar of Harvest, the one and only, the wandering man of the seas and master of the queues, Captain Chats himself, Mr Chris and the Georgetown Seafoods are confirmed this week. Great news when we consider what the week’s fishing conditions must have been like! We warned that we’d always announce him in the style of a big-band leader, and we delivered. It’s a Lily Farm week, and although we’ve previously said that devotees no doubt need their arrangements refreshed, with how well the pictured Mother’s Day bunch is holding up, maybe not. The fortnightly rotation of Halls Barbecue and Shelduck Farm falls due too. Finally, we know we said last week that it was a Fork it Farm week. This was erroneous at best. It is in fact a Fork it Farm week THIS week. How pleased we are about that too.

People and Projects

Seems as though now the depths of autumn have set right in, folks are finding a moment. There has been so much coming across our desk in the last fortnight! Plastic Free July approaches, and we’re using it to test the waste-free waters. The wonderful Trish from NRM with the assist there. FermenTAS are hosting a series of talks and workshops during winter, with the Chef de Mission at Harvest pencilled to host one. AgriCULTURED is approaching, and will feature an activation at Harvest, probably more ferment stations!

There was one other thing… what was it… Oh yes, waste! We’re finally taking some corrective action on our waste and FOGO situation. While the perfect solution is not yet apparent to us, we know where we need to get to. There will be an array of small solutions that go into it, and we’re rolling some of them out this week at Harvest. We really, really want to be totally waste-free by 2024 and we’re finally taking real steps to get there.

C’est bon! Thanks for reading. Bring on winter because thereafter, spring. It’s pretty much here already.

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