At Harvest | 3 June, 2023

Winter’s chronicle begins at Harvest, the market in brief, and further reading.

June 3rd brings us winter’s first market and honestly, it sort of shows. With some staff down with illness and the slowish season truly set in, things are pretty chill this week at Harvest. Nevertheless, a quality and convivial affair is on offer as always, briefly described herein.

In the Market

As always, the full list of stallholders has been posted. And this week at Harvest let us tell you, we’re really out to celebrate our weekly rock stallholders. While there are a couple of unfortunately timed, illness related non-started this week, our cohort of stalwarts is strong. You can see the list for yourself, and anyone familiar with it will know exactly what we’re on about. Instead of rattling them off like always, we’ll take a different tack: names. We’re talking about Tim and Jesse, Rae, Ibrahim, Dean, Nic and Em, Robyn, Karen, Rob and Jenny, Willie, and the (expanding) family Campbell. If you don’t know who these folks are, or what they represent, you can find out by chatting around the market. It will soon become clear.

We’ve not named everyone for brevity, not because we’ve forgotten, we know them all and as the operators of this wonderful community space for 4 hours a week, it feels great to be able to do so.

Further Reading

Instead of navel-gazing for the week, we thought we’d cast out a little and share what we’ve been reading with you. It’s always helpful to keep abreast of goings on, and also because the author’s covid addled brain is struggling for content.

The pre-eminent Dr. Sandy Murray published Tasmanian a food security report back in December. It makes for fascinating and terrifying reading. It came across our desks again and we thought it deserved a much wider readership.

Maddy Thomas at the Guardian does a cute little article each month regarding seasonal produce and recipe ideas, which we follow with some delight and occasionally mildly plagiarise.

Tasmania is adopting some new food safety requirements for businesses and employees. If we know anything about the food and hospitality industries, this will have caused ‘mixed reactions’ to put it mildly. A

And finally, we had the delight to meet the incredible Dr. Emma Lee for the first time during the week. Brushing ourselves up on her remarkable work, we thought we’d share this brilliant piece she contributed to on transdisciplinary approaches to regenerative tourism and research. Enjoy!

Join us on Saturday!

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