At Harvest | 4 November 2023

Spring X. Purely food chat, plus a huge November on the way.

You’ll not need reminding that it is November already. We’re as shocked as you are. With a huge amount going on at Harvest this month, and an office full of cooking inspiration and feasting chat, we’re ready and raring to tuck in. Stoke the fire and tend the coals, now we’re cooking.

At Harvest, it’s pure food chat.

When we’re not going over the ins and outs of the market, food is basically all that we talk about in the office at Harvest. With – dare we say it – Christmas approaching, with it comes summer and the chats of feasts past, present and future. Couple this with a returned-from-leave chef/market manager, and we’ll all be lucky if we get our tasks completed without considerable food and cooking-based distractions.

Examples? Sure. Here are just a few of the ideas being thrown around this week. A pulled pork and fried potato gratin with spinach, gruyere, and tomato/horseradish salsa. Chinese eggplant and ginger jam. Mushroom and asparagus risotto. Braised beef and lentils with cumin and coriander. Corn ribs (you know, when you cut corn cobs horizontally and then roast them, they curl up like ribs). Venison skewers. Ginseng spiced steak and roquette salad. Fire-roasted capsicum and chilli sauce. BBQ’d snapper with nam-jim dressing. Smoked trout croquettes. Pepperberry mayo.

We could go on and on because food is our life. Cooking and sharing, coupled with the stallholders that passionately and proudly supply us with our ingredients to do so, are what makes our jobs and our market so special. Certainly, you can find (pretty much) everything you’d need to make everything listed above at Harvest. With that in mind, get your heads into your cookbooks or better yet, strike up a conversation with someone. We’re willing to bet that it turns to food quick smart. We’ll even start you off. Instead of talking about the weather next time you’re making small talk, ask this simple question: what did you have for dinner last night?

A Big November Coming Up – in brief.

Like the cooking ideas, here are just a few of the things that we’ve got coming your way during November. First and foremost, we’ve got the incredible Stranded Wailers gracing the SOMA stage on the 18th. We’ll have another instalment of Welcome to Kanamaluka coming your way, with First Nation’s insights and more cooking for your enjoyment. We’ll have another wonderful appearance from Abled Kitchen. There will be engagements with the City of Launceston, and Tamar NRM, giving you their latest info and summer plans. Plus, we’ve got music from the Rock It Academy and Jesse Fultone and CJ Jones. Huge!

We’ll post details about all this on our website, social media and newsletter of course. But the best way to find out what’s happening at Harvest? Get down to Harvest! Thanks for reading, see you there 🙂

Join us on Saturday!

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