At Harvest | 9 March, 2024

The long weekend, autumnal vibes, pumpkins and squash, and a PSA.

It’s the March long weekend! With the forecast looking finer than fine (spare a thought for the farmers) there is just heaps to enjoy around the state, but it all starts at Harvest.

This Long Weekend at Harvest

OK, so for you, maybe said long weekend starts this arvo at your favourite watering hole or friend’s lawn or balcony or gazebo. For us, Friday night is “sensible night”, even with the break ahead. A Friday pub sesh does not make for a pleasant 5 am start. In any case, all enjoyment of the warmer month’s twilight centres on food, beverage, cooking and sharing, and so begins on Saturday morning. And, with Autumn’s blush coming over us, we’re keen to make the most of it.

The sweetcorn from Elphin Grove continues, as does the celeriac. Don’t confuse the two now! The delightful Rob and Sally from Shleduck Farm are still away, but rejoice in the return of Mumma Shazz! The late berries and tomatoes remain consistent, and the early brassicas, like colourful chard, are appearing. We’ve certainly been enjoying the variety that the season’s crossover has been blessing Seven Springs Farm with. Wouter and friends have some brilliant baby onions, early squashes and pumpkins, artichokes, radicchios, herbs and celery.

Artisa is back from a break, Frank’s Char is back from the Sustainable Living Festival, and stock up on flowers because Green Flower Farm is heading toward a seasonal conclusion. Finally, be sure to snaffle up the last of the leeks before they get woody, and we hear-tell of ideal growing conditions for the mushroom people.


Being the long weekend, we do have a few notable absences, unfortunately. Wanderlust is absent. Have a Blast at Panama Festival guys! Scoopy, Georgetown Seafoods, Takin’ It Home and Sweet Wheat are all DNS for the week too. Although Nic and Em of Sweet Wheat fame are on their honeymoon, so we’ll give ’em that. Congrats to them!

We’re going to keep it short and sharp this week. Let’s be honest; you’ve got cars to pack, menus to plan, bubbles to crack, or lazy times in the sun to be had. You’re keen on a short, sharp read with info and inspo. That’s what you’ve got.

We’ll leave you with this though

We teased you with pumpkins, and we’ll deliver — loaded pumpkins: halved, roasted, glazed, and stuffed pumpkins. They’re so great.

This concept both shows off the pumpkin itself in a speccy way, but is also a vehicle for your creativity. Allow us to elaborate. For ours, we went with a maple and pepperberry glaze, with chard, apple, sage and hazelnut stuffing and purple mizuna, shallot and parsley salad with lemon dressing. It’s easy to see how you can go wild here, once you understand the dish.

Take a round pumpkin of any variety or size. Decide on your glaze and make it. Cut the pumpkin laterally in half and scoop out the pulp. Oil, season, baste with your glaze, and bake in a 150-degree oven, basting with your glaze periodically. It’s going to be in there for at least an hour unless you’ve gone with mini pumpkins, in which case you use your judgment and a skewer to test for doneness.

While it’s going, decide on your stuffing and make it. Stuff it in your pumpkin cavity about halfway through the cook. Remove the pumpkin, glaze it again and slice it into wedges like a pie. Garnish with your salad element and serve. These are easy to make look seriously impressive, pack heaps of flavour and nutrition and are relatively easy to prepare once you get the hang of it.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy it out there, stay safe, shaded and hydrated.

See you tomorrow.

Join us on Saturday!

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