@ Harvest | 12 March, 2022

Flamenco-glam-rock and existentialism. Together at last.

If life is a search for meaning, few plants in this world have the cultural and historical significance of the olive. Everyone can bring to mind the metaphysical extension of the olive branch. Millenia of oil production and decades of watching celebrity chefs drizzle and shake have given olive oil an indelible place in the culinary lexicon. This unconscious influence surely played its role in Martin and Sophie’s decision to settle in the Tamar Valley and establish Lentara Grove in 2015. Simultaneously a new chapter and a return to childhood roots (albeit in a different hemisphere), Lentara typifies this search for meaning. Taking a walk around the farm with Martin and Sophie, one can’t help think they know something the rest of us don’t. We can count ourselves lucky that they share that knowledge, passion, wisdom and humility with us every week. They have bottled it, and it’s delicious. Debuting at the Market in 2016, it can now be said that if it is an olive product in Northern Tasmania, Martin and Sophie have had a guiding hand somewhere. Certainly, most everything I cook starts, finishes – or both – with olive oil, and thus we can say that those skilful and guiding hands have contributed to your life in ways that, once reflected upon, are much more significant than you realise. Life wouldn’t be the same without olive oil, and Harvest wouldn’t be the same without Lentara. True fact, and one worth celebrating. Keep on drizzling. 

Besides the amazing produce, pantry, and food always on offer at Harvest there is always a little something extra for your enjoyment! This week we have the one and only, legendary, glam rockers Kallidad lighting up the SOMA stage! Kallidad will punch out a set the like of which the SOMA stage rarely sees. Don’t miss it! Plus we have live cooking coming up with Eat Well Tasmania, and we have the amazing Sandy’s SourdoughFermenTAS and St. Giles bringing us ABLED Kitchen on the 19th. Keep your eye out for that. 

We often speak of Harvest as an extended family, and this week we’re delighted to report that the family has its newest member. Jordy and Hayley from Hillwood Fresh Food Co have welcomed a little bundle of joy into the world and we are so, so happy for them! Congrats guys. 

You know the drill by now. We plug the goings-on around town, wax and proselytise about our wonderful community, then tell you what’s up at the market this week. We are up to that part now. We’re delighted to see the return of Red Cow, Thirlstane, Tassie Hemp and Wanderer Mead. Cake of Peace are on their fortnightly deployment as is La Cantara Artisan Cheese. Mt Gnomon is back after their dalliances with events, and there is even talk of some new season’s apples (pork and apples: besties). New Norfolk Distillery will be dishing out the tastings, and the requisite bottle for the Saturday arvo G&T if that’s your thing. Plus, both our wonderful Afghani families will be breaking your fast in the form of Murtabak and Bolani. Both of which are a perfect start to the day. Lastly, it is the final market for Apiece Bakery, after 5+ years at Harvest they are moving into a new and exciting chapter. We have been delighted to have them over the years, we will miss them and their amazing bread and pastries a great deal. We wish them all the very best.  

It’s easy to focus on the incredible produce, products and food on offer every week at Harvest, but it is worth remembering that so much of what we eat comes from plants. And Harvest sells plants. In fact, Harvest has been recognised as an excellent place to buy plants in this article here by Jamie for lawn.com.au. Plants, flowers, and at the moment bulbs from Tas Daffodils all feature year-round at Harvest in various forms, and there is no better place to buy your edibles the from Plants Direct. Thanks Jamie for the write-up!

Harvest is continually looking to expand our engagement with the community. Our focus for 2022 is extending our Volunteer Program into community organisations to increase the breadth and depth of an already amazing pool of people. Are you part of an amazing community or not-for-profit organisation? If so, email us to sign up for our Community Engagement Program and let us work together to nourish and sustain our collective wellbeing. Or if you simply want to become a local food hero, you can sign up to volunteer at Harvest here

Pictured: Martin with bottle. Lentara Grove, Exeter. Photo credit Trade Tasmania. 
Maudlin existential references: 2

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