A Pinch Of Tasmania

A Pinch of Tasmania was established in 2016 as a gourmet food business producing artisanal flavour infused finishing salts, Tasmanian wild food blends and other unique food product ranges.

Our signature product range is “a pinch of salt”. This is a series of beautifully presented and unique gourmet infused salts and salt blends that will add a new dimension to both your cooking and dinner table.

The range uses exclusively seas salt flakes sources from the east coast of Tasmania. Flavours include cherry & pepperberry, beetroot & horseradish and beautiful organic walnut wood smoked sea salt flakes, to name just a few.

Each salt product is carefully hand-made as part of a small batch and is made with only the highest quality ingredients. We pride ourselves in using no less than 80% (most often 100%) locally sourced Tasmanian ingredients.

This 100% natural gourmet salt doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or colours, flowing agents, minerals, or anti-caking agents.

Also, watch out for our beautiful blends made from Tasmanian wild foods. This includes our Tassie dukkha made with wattle seeds, wakame, wild thyme, saltbush and pepperberries – all mixed with locally grown hazelnuts.

And if these don’t tempt you try our Gourmet activated walnuts with a honey, apple, cinnamon and, of course, a pinch of salt…


Contact A Pinch Of…

Telephone: 0403 500 801

Email: robyn@apinchof.com.au

Web: www.apinchof.com.au

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