Hazelbrae Hazelnuts

Hazelbrae, situated in the historic town of Hagley, is home to Tasmania’s first commercial Hazelnut operation.  Having planted over 5000 trees since 2005, the grove is now producing over 10 tonnes of Hazelnuts each year and this will increase to around 50 tonnes as the trees mature towards 2020.

Positioned within 74 magnificent hectares, Hazelbrae is home to some of the most beautiful private gardens in the area spanning over 2 acres of roses, English gardens and manicured lawns. With new ownership in 2014, Hazelbrae is being developed as an education centre and tourist attraction with tours, picnics and events currently taking place via bookings and future plans to open to the public within the next 2 years.

The owners pride themselves on producing fresh Tasmanian Hazelnut products and everyone who tries them is amazed at the difference in flavour compared to the imported product currently available to consumers.  Hazelbrae currently produces raw, roasted and choc-coated nut products in wholesale bulk or retail packs and is currently experimenting with producing hazelnut oil, extract and flour for future sale.


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email: info@hazelbrae.com.au

phone: 03 6392 2310

web: www.hazelbrae.com.au

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