Ritual Coffee Tasmania

In 2008 Tim and Mel Jarosz moved to Launceston from the Central Coast of NSW, where they operated a cafe, to start up coffee roasting company, Ritual Coffee Tasmania. Something that both places had in common was a lack in supply of freshly roasted coffee, so they quickly gained a keen following.  In 2010 they were joined by Stuart Grant as full time roaster. Stu is a “details” guy, and he started digging into the complexities of how coffee is grown and sourced. And these complexities are very, well, complex!

They’ve since partnered with quality-minded producers and suppliers in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships across the world’s growing regions.  In fact Stu has just returned from a trip to Colombia (see photo) where he was able to meet with farmers who grow the (delicious) coffee they have been buying for 3 years now. These farmers are currently harvesting, and this crop will be arriving in March next year – including some special farmer-specific lots!

Freshness and quality are paramount at Ritual. For the same reason a restaurateur doesn’t go trawling the supermarket for their vegies, Ritual believe that coffee roasters who want quality coffee need to know where it comes from, how it was grown, and who grew it. The second thing Tim, Mel and Stu focus on is roasting in a way that showcases the hard work of their producer partners. Rather than roasting too darkly, they try to highlight the natural characteristics of each bean, such as notes of dark chocolate or brown sugar or citrus fruits, depending on the coffee.

At the heart of it, coffee is a very social drink, which is why the Ritual crew so enjoy every Saturday at Harvest!


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